Timely appeal to Consultants in the construction industry will help you avoid unwanted losses, to achieve its objectives, to ensure long and safe operation of your facility. GR Solutions provides construction expertise, perform technical supervision and quality control of construction, installation, and finishing works.
The overall goal of all our services - ensuring the implementation of construction projects in the specified parameters, timing, cost and quality. 
GR Solutions services include:
   1. Consultation in  New Construction Projects and Existing Buildings.
   2. Special and Third Party Inspections.
   3. Jobsite Testing.
   4. Surveys Investigations.
GR Solutions is offering Consulting services for Facade, Glass and Glazing,
Roofing, Waterproofing.
Facade: The building skin always sits on the critical path. Facade systems and materials have long lead times. During the design process GR Solutions can help to expedite decisions and detailing that impact the timeline. A full consulting service package would include submittal and shop drawing review, performance mock-up testing, site visits and observation reports for Curtain Walls, Facade Finishes, Balconies and Canopies, Louvers, Windows and Doors.
Glass and Glazing: Glass is being used in increasing quantities and sizes in the construction of new buildings.
Designers are pushing the limits of glass use in buildings to maximise its aesthetic appeal, performance and durability. Glass has the drawback of being a brittle material that fails in tension under load. The variety of glass types, their performance and modes of breakage, present challenging design and specification problems for both small and large-scale projects. The consequences of glass failure often compromise the performance and safety of a building and are, therefore, critical issues for building owners. GR Solutions offers expert, professional help on all aspects of Glass and Glazing Systems and Components.

Roofing: GR Solutions committed to provide our clients with professional, accurate and unbiased attention to your roof needs. Whether a 3,000 sq. ft. residential house, 100,000 sq. ft. retail center or a 1.5 million sq. ft. manufacturing facility, one property or multiple properties, we are committed to our clients needs. Our roof surveys are prepared in an easy to read, well-documented format, which discusses each condition in detail. Our survey discusses the existing condition of the roof, remaining life and provides budgets for repairs, periodic maintenance or replacement, if necessary. Each report is accompanied with photo documentation and a roof plan. We obtain as much information as possible regarding existing warranties, past leak history and problems. Additional services can include roof sampling and moisture surveys.
Waterproofing: GR Solutions has more than 10 years experience in the assessment, design and construction management for waterproofing systems. We are familiar with all major waterproofing systems including: fluid applied membranes, self adhering sheet membranes, bituminous and thermoplastic sheet membranes and composite rubberized asphalt membranes. We are well experienced in the selection and design of appropriate materials and sealant joint configurations. We utilize a wide selection of sealant types including: silicone, urethane, acrylic, butyl and hybrid sealant systems to appropriately address anticipated in service conditions.
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